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Friday, August 12, 2011

Diapering 101

Boy, have I had an education the past couple of weeks. Ravelry has been running a thread about soakers which then developed into a discussion of diapers and diapering in general. My youngest is in her forties. What did I know? Of course I knew that disposables diapers filled landfills and took hundreds of years to decompose . I did not know that in response to that many responsible young mothers had gone back to cloth diapers and were crocheting or knitting soakers to keep clothes and bedding dry. I am afraid I had to be told what prefold diapers are.

In the "old days" we bought Curity or Birdseye diapers because that was all that was available They were not prefolded. You folded them before pinning them on baby. When used you put them in the diaper pail with water and a disinfectent. Each day you washed them in the washing machine. (Trust me. You didn't want them to sit around too long.) Then you hung them on the line where sunlight and fresh air did the rest of the work for you. As far as soakers, while I had patterns for them I never made any. We considered plastic pants a blessing.

Not everyone is prepared or able to go to the extra work cloth diapers require, but for those that do, on behalf of future generations, thank you.

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