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Monday, December 23, 2013

Nostalgic For The Big Band Era

I have taken almost a year off from designing and blogging to make up some patterns I had saved in the hope I would someday get around to making them. Well, I have and it was great to just knit without deadlines or any other concerns. Now , however, I am ready to go back to my regular schedule which includes blogging so here goes.

I had a rather unsettling experience today/ I was looking through the groups on Ravelry. Just curious to see what people are interested in today. I clicked on bands. While i have heard of a couple of the bands who have groups on Ravelry, where was Harry James, Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey and others of the period. . It was a rude awakening to discover the bands I listened to as a teenager were not only no longer relevant , but apparently no body had heard of them. I remember when one came to your town you and your boy friend did everything you could to go to the dance hall where they were appearing. No boy friend? Then you and a girlfriend went and hooked up with boys that were available. It was a wonderful time. You in your best dress and makeup, him in his slacks and sport coat, awkward and tentative. And the music. You did the Lindy or just gathered in front of the bandstand to listen to special numbers. The ballads were pure romance that probably got our hormones flowing at a dangerous level but who cared. We were in another world. Great stuff.