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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dr. Who?

We spent Christmas day at our daughter's Most of the family were there including grandchildren and great-grand-children. One of our grandsons, now an adult with a family of his own, has been a devoted fan of Dr. Who for years. This is a program produced by the BBC and shown in this country. I know nothing about the program, but apparntly Dr. Who is a time traveler who rights wrongs wherever he finds them. I had heard of the pupularity of the Dr. Who scarf and suggested I should make him one. His eyes lit up. It turns out he has one he bought at a Dr. Who convention, but apparently a scarf made by his grandmother would be better.

Since I knew nothing about it, I began to research the scarf. First I found there is not A scarf, but I think at last count six scarves. After several seasons it would be changed somewhat. And, don't laugh, there are stunt scarves. Oh yes, each scarf had a duplicate to be used in scenes in which the scarf might be damaged. This scarf is a STAR! As the program prgressed the scarf got longer and longer. Starting out at about 14 feet it grew long enough to wrap around the neck with the ends hanging to the ankles and the loop around the neck hanging to the waist. It appears to me Dr. Who was in constant danger of tripping over the darn thing and falling on his face. The scarf had a role in some of the stories. For example, in one it was unraveled and the yarn used to guide the good Dr so he would not be lost in what i suppose was a maze like situation. I have no idea if the scarf got billing. Scarf played by scarf? If you think I am making all this up out of whole cloth, sorry, yarn, google Dr. Who scarf and read the history, find a pattern or look at pictures. I found it a fascinating and sometimes funny look into the fan culture.

Well, I am back to knitting. I have completed about eight inches. Only thirteen feet four inches to go.