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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Time, Time, Time

Where does the time go? With designing, trying to get some things done for Christmas and family stuff, I never seem to have enough time.

I was eighty years old in May. One finds as one gets older that there are household tasks one can no longer do. Anything that requires a ladder is definitely out as is anything that requires one gets down on the ground. Down is easy. It is getting back up that is a problem. As my gift my family decided to come over and do those things we couldn't and were fretting about. The best gift ever. When they left every surface was scrubbed, vacuumed or polished. Every curtain taken down, washed and rehung. Windows washed, shelves and knick knacks cleaned. While all this was going on inside, some of these gallant workers were trimming hedges and trees, removing old ratty plants and replacing them with new. They even brought the food with them. It was a joy to see my family working together , laughing and teasing each other.

I did manage to work up a free pattern for you, however. It is a dragon hand puppet. You will find the pattern listed in the Free Pattern Menu. Enjoy.

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