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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More Christmas Stuff

Well, I am one up on gifts for next Christmas. Found this pattern here It is made on two needles but with some ingenious shaping by designer Joy Green, it looks like a traditional stocking when seamed. The names are put on with duplicate stitch which you will have to chart yourself, but there are details giving you the size of the letters. The pattern calls for more ornamentation, but I decided to go with the basic knit. I have one more to make, and next year the two will be stuffed with toys and sent to two of my great grandchildren one of whom will be four next year and the other five. That leaves several years yet to come when the stockings can be hung on the mantle for Santa to fill.


  1. Those are great Yvonne. I'm sure they will be well loved.

  2. hi i love your work!!!!! i am looking for a christmas stoking pattern with a penguin on it and i noticed you had knit one. Can you help me? thanks Chris