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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Summer Knitting and Christmas Gifts

It is hot, muggy and the air is full of smoke from the fires here in Southern California. Seemed like a good time to stay inside and catch up on my Christmas gift making. The tree skirt on which I am working has gotten big enough to fill your lap with yarn as you add another row so that did not seem a good choice. I had planned to make a visored cap for a thirteen year old great-granddaughter and now seemed the time. I looked through all my favorite knit pattern sites, but I couldn't find anything that was just what I wanted. On to the crochet sites, and the first pattern at which I looked was exactly right. It is the City Girl Cap designed by Celeste Young and the pattern is available free here

I was a bit hesitant at first as there is no finished size given and no gauge. However, I found when the cap was finished the stretchy ribs that divide it into sections give enough leeway that it should fit most adult women. It was fun to make, took only one day and one skein of yarn, so quick, easy and inexpensive. Here is the picture of my finished caps.

My husband saw it and remarked I had better make several because a number of family members are going to want one, so I am now about to finish the second one. What? More than one of the same thing? What can I say. I really like this pattern.

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