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Friday, July 17, 2009

Knitting for the Troops

Despite what one may think about the war, I am sure we all want to support our young men and women in the service. There are several organizations sending donated items to our soldiers overseas. I am currently knitting helmet liners for Packages from Home. The liners are sent to Afghanistan where the winters are very cold. If knitting wool helmet liners is not your thing there are many other suggestions on their website including purchased items for which the soldiers have asked. It seems in the rural villages and mountains of Afghanistan there is no place to buy the most basic items such as soap. I like Packages from Home, but there are many such groups from which to choose if you wish to help. You will find their link at the left under Charity Links.


  1. I teach the children of the US Military in overseas locations. For the past several years, I knit hats that I mail to an specific address for the troops to give to the children living in the refugee camps, on the streets or even to the hospitals.

    I also send gently used clothing and shoes for them to donate too. One year, I was the collection point for extra school supplies and we were able to send 21 boxes of school supplies for our troops to donate to the local schools in Afghanistan.

    Thank you (and others) for helping our troops.

  2. Thank you for doing this. My husband was in Afghanistan and yes, the nights there (summer or winter!) are very cold--well below the freezing points.

    He once received a handmade helmet liner and said it was the best thing he ever got in a care package. It kept him warm but the idea that people do care for our troops kept his heart warm too.

    Thanks again!